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Strategy, Management, and Analysis

High performance Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising isn't defined by keyword lists, targeting strategy, or's driven by conversation.

We understand that clients engage our PPC management services for a couple of reasons - they're too busy, they're inexperienced with pay-per-click advertising, or both.

What is Professional PPC Management? Hint: it's more than keywords & graphs...

If your familiarity with PPC advertising is limited, our job is to answer the questions you don't know to ask, and keep you posted on what we're doing and why. If you're a seasoned pro, but short on time & resources, we identify your priorities and share the right information needed to support your bigger picture marketing goals.

Talk is cheap you say? True, that's why we attach our conversations to these valuable PPC management services:

PPC Management Services


It's back to basics for PPC advertising strategy! We establish (or confirm) your fundamental marketing goals. Next, we employ our years of experience with PPC advertising to synthesize a plan for your review & approval.

The formulation of every PPC advertising program is different, based on your objectives. Choosing the right ad platform(s), advertising formats, and targeting technology impacts the program's success before a single click is registered. The best path towards laying a strong foundation is cleared by us, but walked together, with you.


Building a smart, high performance PPC advertising program is an exercise in foresight. We look ahead, so you can focus on right now. Our Pay-per-click programs are designed for scale, because building it right the first time doesn't cost any more, but could save you money later on when growth or adjustments are needed.

We also build every advertising program with actionable data in mind. That's why we structure and title PPC campaigns using intuitive labels that reflect your business/industry. You can't appreciate or criticize what you don't understand.


Handshakes and pleasantries are an important part of first impressions, but our PPC Account Management is focused on the after party.


We pride ourselves on timely communication that is prompt and helpful. Keeping you posted on the advertising plan and performance are essential, however, it's our strategic leaning that sets us apart. Our collective experience with all things digital (e.g. website design, usability, search engine optimization, and much more) helps us maximize PPC advertising within your "big picture" marketing plan.


Metrics...insights...strategy...blah, blah, blah. Let's face it, people want results and the heaps of data that marketers throw around like confetti aren't helpful.


We have conversations. A discussion in plain English that helps clients understand what's working, what's not, and how it can be improved. Simple really. Our PPC analysis is honest and easy to understand. Have questions? We're pretty good at explaining the complexities of PPC advertising too!

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