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Text-based, Display Banners, Video, and more...

PPC Advertising provides so many ways to engage your target audience, which explains its popularity with companies, big and small. The right combination of ad types, performance features, and planning, turn your marketing budget into sales.

Our objective isn't driving's meeting your goals in a way that is measurable, and meaningful to your business. Every type of PPC advertisement serves a different purpose, and our expertise with all of them shapes our strategy, and your success.

Curious about the right PPC ad mix for  your business? Let's talk about it!

PPC Ad Types

Text-based Ads

WHAT: Keyword driven ad  placements that appear within Google’s search results pages.

WHY: Ideal for finding & engaging new customers.

Banner Ads

WHAT: Target ad placements that are served to previous visitors and/or your target audience.


WHY: Ideal for re-engaging prospects & strengthening brand.

Videos Ads

WHAT: Targeted ad placements that appear across Google’s Search & Display networks.

WHY: Ideal for targeted brand building and ROI that beats TV.

PPC Ad Features

Geo targeting

Geo targeting, or local PPC, specifically targets your advertising to customers in specific locations, assigned by state, town, or zip code.


Target your advertising to  people who have visited your website, but didn't convert. Ideal for re-engaging prospects & strengthening brand.

A/B Split-testing

Boost ad performance with actionable data. By running two ads (versions A & B) to similar visitors at the same time, we compare results, make changes, and test our way to stronger ROI!

Performance Reporting

PPC reporting should foster smart, helpful discussions. Our monthly reports are designed to keep it simple = what's working, what could work better, and why?

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