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Build a stronger team

Industrial Clicks PPC specializes in Private Label PPC Management Services for advertising agencies and marketing consultants.

Our Private Label PPC Management Services allow your company to maintain the primary relationship with a client while we manage all aspects of their Pay Per Click advertising program. 

Expand Your Team Without Hiring A Single Employee!

Industrial Clicks PPC delivers 15+ years of pay per click
advertising experience and strategy to your team,
expanding your company’s marketing services, on demand.
And our attention to detail ensures a seamless engagement
between your company and the client.


Our Private Label Pay Per Click advertising program provides you with:

  • Dedicated account management for sales proposals, client management, and strategy.

  • Expert advice regarding best practices for SEO, Paid Search, & Analytics.

  • Private label SEM reports for your clients with your company brand.

  • Conference calls with your client.

  • Additional profits through our SEM services.

Private Label PPC Services For...
  • Media Agencies

  • Digital Agencies

  • SEO Consultants

  • Marketing Consultants

  • Public Relations Firms

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